Get Started – Enter Product Key –

Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity suites around the world for managing professional projects. Whether you want to create and manage word-based documents, official presentations, data spreadsheets, newsletters, postcards, invitation, and brochure, Office assists you in all. Installing and activating Office is even easier these days as has everything you need to set up Office.

How to Redeem the Office Activation Code?

Several MS Office softwares, created to be utilized at home, comes along with a product key. If your Office setup came along with an Office activation code, then you have to claim it with the given below steps :

1. Head to in a browser.
2. Sign to your Microsoft account.
3. If you are visiting Office for the first time, then make a new account on Office.
4. Provide your 25-character unique product key.
5. Follow the prompts to continue.
6. Voila, the product key is now redeemed.

How to Download Office Setup on Windows via

1. Navigate to using an internet browser.
2. Head to the Sign In option.
3. Create a new account if you don’t have one.
4. Once you are signed in, head to Install Office.
5. In case you want to install Office 365, go to Install Office apps.
6. Hit the Install button.
7. Hold tight until the process wraps up.
8. Once the download reaches 100%, close the browser.

How to Install Office on Windows

1. Navigate to the Office installer that we just downloaded in the previous step via

2. Choose the Yes option to allow the computer to run the installation procedure.

3. Now, accept the end-user license agreement.

4. Go to Next.

5. Hit the Install button.

6. Wait until the installation reaches 100%.

7. Once the installation completes, close the wizard and then reboot the system.

How to Activate Your Office on Windows

1. Make sure you have claimed your product key with an Office account.

2. If you have not redeemed the Office activation key, then navigate to to quickly claim your activation code.

3. Then open an Office app on your system.

4. Choose the Accept option.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

6. Congrats, you have just activated the product on your system.